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A Butcher's Tale: 

This is a historical adventure. This is the story of a passionate and idealistic young man
named Joseph in fourteenth-century England. He gives up his career as a butcher
with his trade guild in York and follows a young woman, Dorothy, and her family
into the border country to the north. Dorothy and her family are going to take
over the farm they inherited when her uncle died.

The English-Scottish war is heating up and the border region is very unstable. This
is the time of Edward I, (Longshanks), and William Wallace. Every effort has
been made to ensure the historical events and flavor of the times is accurately

For those that are familiar with the reference; this story resembles a fourteenth-century
version of “Little House on the Prairie” written by Laura Ingalls

This story is suitable for ages 13 and up.


Treasure Trove: 

This is a modern day adventure about ordinary people becoming
involved in something extraordinary by virtue of chance.

The historical facts in this story from 1640 to 1750 are true.
The treasure in question belonging to Captain William Kidd is well
documented and has remained hidden for the past 314 years.

As a result of writing this story, my third novel was conceived called Sarah.
It chronicles the life of Captain Kidd’s wife from 1666 to 1744.



I would like to invite you to step back 325 years into colonial New York
City and see the world through the eyes of Sarah Bradley.

She was a beautiful young woman of seventeen, on her own for the first time.
Sarah eventually married four prominent men including Captain William Kidd
the infamous pirate.

This is not only her story, but also a portrayal of the turbulent
politics of New York City in the seventeenth century.

Having just conquered New Amsterdam from the Dutch, England struggled to
maintain order from across the sea. Governors changed frequently as England
itself was in turmoil.


A Caboodle of Poems:

I have been writing poetry since I was seventeen years old, over 47 years ago.

I have written some of these poems from both the male and female perspectives. As a poet, I like to examine issues from different points of view.

This collection now contains 104 Poems and is available in digital format for $1.99 US. from Amazon.

I have included quite a variety of poems, a real caboodle or collection. They deal with life, love, nature, humor, social issues, sex and science.


Ship to Shore

This is a romantic/suspense that takes place in Northern California. The story is rich in local color which adds to the drama and romance. It is a short read, perfect for the beach, park or a couple of evenings at home.


Insidious Exposure

This techno-thriller is about a young man in the National Guard. Upon completion of his advanced training as a Cyber Operations Specialist, he is assigned to the Armory in his home town. He is attached to the Intel & Sustainment unit. A secret and a mystery from his past, sets him on a journey of discovery, which will change his life forever.  


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