Friday, September 12, 2014

Erotic, Hot or Spicy writing:

Ramblings by: Joe P. Attanasio

I have never been a romance reader per se. I find that odd since I have always been a romantic person. I have written a number of short stories and poems of a romantic nature but I was never interested in reading romance novels. I think that is because I perceived them to be filled with “fluff”.  
In this case fluff would be; ho hum relationships, overly described in meaningless detail with a number of partners, involving the same schemes and ending in the hero gets the girl predictability.

Recently I have become involved with a number of authors and writer groups giving me a responsible desire to sample romance novels of sorts. This came about as a mixture of curiosity and a sense of reciprocation for reading the works of fellow writers.

I found that the term “Romance Novels” did not fit my preconceived notions anymore.
Many of these stories have thriller and mystery plots intertwined with romance and seasoned with Spicy, Hot or Erotic scenes. The reading is compelling and the story settings are easy to become immersed in.

The seasoning here has come a long way from the true detective stories of the 50’s. The descriptions of intimate scenes are often so vivid they make you squirm in your chair as you peek through the gaps in your fingers to read every word you thought you did not want to see.

I see from the comments on Amazon that some people prefer not to see explicit scenes but they are finding their way into many of the books these days. Men and women are titillated by these bold descriptions and curious about some of the alternate sexual lifestyles presented.

Authors are using sex to help draw attention to their works as less people read and more and more books are released.

I am no stranger to reading and writing adult and erotic short stories. One does become ‘desensitized’ after a while and finds themselves skimming the sex to get back to the plot but I still get caught up in the scenes from time to time. The old adage going around Facebook as a meme is routed in truth: “Women who read romance novels tend make their husbands very satisfied at night” or something to that effect.

It is not simply the descriptions of the sex act that fills these romance books today but the teasing and flirting in the dialog and the narrative. Chat room talk to strangers and innuendos set the stage for the inevitable sex scenes. Tension does drive a story after all.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of bad erotica and romance stories on the market by writers that think the sex is all that matters. However, there are some real gems in the pile of books available if you look. The good news is that authors in general are responsible enough now a days to tell exactly what kind and how much sex is in their stories so people know before buying them what to expect.

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