Thursday, August 14, 2014

My life is like a river.

A story and poem by: Joe P. Attanasio

Time does not stand still. We do not simply move through time. We are carried through time at if flows along. This idea was the inspiration for an old free verse poem I wrote. I did not intend a spiritual analogy when I wrote this poem, it just happened to coincide with the physical attributes of a mountain stream becoming a river that meets the ocean.

It seems that now, in the later years of my life, I am becoming more philosophical. Perhaps this is the benefit of experience or simply because thinking requires less exertion than doing.

I always feel a certain peace when I am outdoors in nature for a while. This does not happen right away but after hours or days. My soul somehow connects with nature. Writing this blog gives me a chance to share some of my photos, I hope you enjoy them as well. These were taken in California and British Columbia, Canada.

At any rate, I present my poem:

My life is like a river
By: Joe P. Attanasio

As the mountain stream, my life starts small.
My consciousness is fed from the trickles of life around me.
I start to grow as I absorb my surroundings.
Each drop of meaning builds my character.

As I grow I take on a path of my own.
But I am guided by the slope around me.
I funnel my energies in one direction.
I grow stronger, surer of myself.

I start to overcome obstacles in my path.
I forge my future.
I begin to race towards my destiny.
I am unstoppable.

The slope is less steep now.
I fight the urge to wander.
I have to keep moving.
I am always moving.

I broaden my horizons.
My spirit becomes at ease as I near the end of my journey.
I grow much slower at this time of my life.
My purpose is still strong, my drive becomes sluggish.

The end is coming near.
My life almost finished.
I face a great unknown looming ahead of me.
My very existence is about to cease.

I feel myself disappearing into oblivion.
No, wait, I am merging with a giant mass.
We are becoming one.
The lesser into the greater

I lose my identity.
I am still alive.
I am scattered but also whole.
I am part of something very powerful.


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