Thursday, August 28, 2014

We all keep secrets during our life at one time or another.


1. Something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.
2. Done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others
3. Kept from the knowledge of any but the initiated or privileged
4. Operating in a hidden or confidential manner.
5. Dependably discreet.

These don’t have to be sinister or earth shattering. We could be talking a rip in your pants. Perhaps you keep certain aspects of your religious beliefs from your friends for various reasons. You might have intimate dreams about your neighbor that you would rather not discuss. Maybe you have a habit that you would rather not share. You might secretly dislike a person in your social group of ‘friends’.

Secrets vary in size and importance from small to huge. Some are morally and even legally wrong to keep.

We must be very careful when dealing with other people’s secrets that we become aware of from them, or by accident.

I wrote this poem on secrets a few years ago and wanted to share it.

By: Joe Attanasio

We all have secrets hidden away
Some we keep for others, to not betray
Knowledge not to be openly shared
Information we wish not declared

Some we take to our grave
No hint of which we ever gave
When a secret is shared with you
You’re trusted to keep it too

A secret, some people can’t keep
Through all their friends it will sweep
Some secrets have to be told
Legally and morally wrong to hold

A secret that is discovered by you
Should certainly be thought through
It may be something to just forget
Or someone in trouble, you might get

We think and do things we don’t want to share
If exposed it could be too much to bear.
Some secrets are fun and just for play
Others very serious and heavily weigh

“Can you keep a secret?” someone might ask
Better be sure you’re up to the task
Most people automatically say “yes”
Not thinking the secret might cause them stress

Keeping some secrets seem unjust
If you don’t tell someone, you will bust
If the secret is gossip and a juicy bit
Spreading it around would be unfit

I hold many secrets inside of me
Both my own and for others you see
People confide in me and trust me for sure
They need to tell someone, I keep it secure

If you say “I have no secrets”, I know
That like Pinnochio, your nose will grow
May all your secrets stay safe and secure
Any never be told until you are sure

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